Assistive Device Program for Faculty & Staff with Disabilities Assistive Device Program for Faculty & Staff with Disabilities

Assistive Program
2003 unpublished
Campus Administration annually allocates funds to assist faculty and staff with permanent disabilities perform the essential functions of their jobs. Applications for funds are normally submitted to the campus Assistive Device Program Coordinator each spring prior to the end of the semester for the following academic year and/or prior to the beginning of the semester for which Assistive Devices funds are being requested. Should need arise during the academic year, applications will be accepted
more » ... nd reviewed on a case by case basis. The following conditions and criteria will be followed when the Assistive Device Program review committee of the President's Committee on Disabilities evaluates applications to the Assistive Device/Assistance Program. Purpose and Use of Program Funds 1. Assistive devices and/or adaptive equipment purchased with program funds should be used to facilitate the performance of job-related activities. Assistive device funding is different from ergonomic funding as the former is remedial and the latter is preventative. 2. Funding through this program is available only for current temporary and permanent employees (excluding student employees). 3. Program funds will be provided to purchase equipment or devices for the job-related essential functions of employees. 4. The Program provides funding for adaptive computer components and software, e.g., enlarged monitors, software for access, scanners in some situations, voice activated input systems. Funding from the program can in limited situations be used to purchase computer hardware, which, although not strictly adaptive in nature, may be needed to support the software and adaptive computer components need by individuals with disabilities to do the essential functions of their jobs.