2020 Akademik Araştırmalar ve Çalışmalar Dergisi (AKAD)  
In every historical process, there are sociological, political, economic and cultural changing and transforming factors that dominate the process. Social media phenomenon is one of the many factors that marked the 21st century. Social media is a new digital application that shows its influence in political, economic and cultural areas. There are individual and social reflections in every aspect of life. While humanity has not adapted to the internet revolution, which is also known as an
more » ... ion revolution, it has met with the social media revolution. The political sphere is also affected by the wave of this influence. Political organization, economic operation, communication, security mentality, individual life styles are exposed to the effects of this phenomenon. There is a positive correlation between this level of impact and the increase in social media usage rates. The legitimacy building tools of political power, the forms of identification, and the political communication structures are affected by this phenomenon. The phenomenon, which cannot be fully analyzed in the current process, has styling effects on the future. Political parties' election campaigns, political marketing concepts and public diplomacy are also affected by this process. Identity imagery, perception of space and interaction management is also being transformed in this context.
doi:10.20990/kilisiibfakademik.621353 fatcat:ksdsx72udbaunod6etkxbtdgru