Detailed analysis of the dependence of 1-loop counter-terms on gauge and parametrization in Einstein gravity with a cosmological constant

M Yu Kalmykov, K A Kazakov, P I Pronin, K V Stepanyantz
1998 Classical and quantum gravity  
In this paper, the dependence of the Einstein gravity with the cosmological constant as well as of this theory in the first-order formalism on the gauge and parametrization is been analyzed. The one-loop counterterms off the mass shell have been plainly calculated in arbitrary gauge and parametrization. The tensor package of analytic calculations, written in REDUCE, allowed all the calculations to be carried out. A method of renormalization group functions calculations off shell is discussed.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/15/12/008 fatcat:emvv3t4irfci7msuyn5jmrca6e