Social behavior prediction with graph U-Net+

Zhiyue Yan, Wenming Cao, Jianhua Ji
2021 Discover Internet of Things  
AbstractWe focus on the problem of predicting social media user's future behavior and consider it as a graph node binary classification task. Existing works use graph representation learning methods to give each node an embedding vector, then update the node representations by designing different information passing and aggregation mechanisms, like GCN or GAT methods. In this paper, we follow the fact that social media users have influence on their neighbor area, and extract subgraph structures
more » ... from real-world social networks. We propose an encoder–decoder architecture based on graph U-Net, known as the graph U-Net+. In order to improve the feature extraction capability in convolutional process and eliminate the effect of over-smoothing problem, we introduce the bilinear information aggregator and NodeNorm normalization approaches into both encoding and decoding blocks. We reuse four datasets from DeepInf and extensive experimental results demonstrate that our methods achieve better performance than previous models.
doi:10.1007/s43926-021-00018-3 fatcat:f7srl4pb2vd43cty32wcydbpzy