The Effect of Surface Roughness of Low Carbon Steel by Heat Treatment in Turning Operation

Abdullah Tariq AL-Malki, Basim Khidhir
2020 Journal of student research  
This research focuses on enhancing the surface roughness of low carbon steel by heat treatment of low carbon steel in turning operation. Heat treatment is mainly used to improve the mechanical properties of materials. Two sets of specimens used during the experiment where each has 5 pieces of mild steel that heat-treated of two-level of temperatures of 650 oC and 900oC. After the heating process of all specimens, it will be exposed to different coolant media which are quenching, normalizing and
more » ... ng, normalizing and annealing. A carbide single-point tool, one level of cutting parameters selected as one level of cutting speed and depth of cut and two levels of feed rate used during this research. The results show that specimen quenched by oil bath measures the highest value of the surface roughness of 8.26 µm at 900oC and machined with a feed rate of 0.113 mm. While quenched water specimens show less surface roughness of 4.91µm at 650oC in the same feed rate.
doi:10.47611/ fatcat:6d325zebzrgudnfg7s67emb53m