The Structure of Qualitative Decision-Making: Implications for the Analytical Hierarchy Process

Cathal M. Brugha
1996 unpublished
The implications of the structure of qualitative-decision-making for multi-criteria decision analysis are considered. It provides a basis for understanding qualitative distinctions between criteria and, consequently, their proper structuring and grouping to facilitate comparisons. The AliP approach of using relative comparisons is justified. The concept of a qualitative decision function is introduced and shown to correspond to the Cobb-Douglas or power function. It is explained why it is
more » ... ned why it is inappropriate to use the AHP to synthesise qualitatively identical attributes of an alternative. This should be done using the multi-attribute utility technique. The two techniques are proven to be complimentary and can be synthesised. Normalisations other than the geometric mean are shown to be unnecessary. The common concerns about rank reversal are dealt with. The importance of developing the thinking process of the decision-maker is discussed. The results of experiments with the proposed structuring approach are outlined.
doi:10.13033/isahp.y1996.076 fatcat:uvw3eex5bbgejfp4w7l2b63lzm