Quasi Two Dimensional Deposited Silver Nanowires for Nano Scale Circuitry in an Ultrathin Layer System

Jing Wang, Hao Zhu
2016 Proceedings of the 2015 4th National Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering   unpublished
We fabricate nearly straight silver nanowires with different width by electrochemical deposition, which is possibly applied on nano-scale circuitry in future. The silver adheres to the underlay of the cover glass, with an ultrathin thickness and slick surface, which indicates that the silver deposits by a kind of quasi 2 dimensional way. The silver wires widen from several tens to hundreds of nanometers deposits with a few branches, controlled by adding different electrical signals at a special
more » ... temperature. The silver wire spreading is possibly induced by both electrical signals and the temperature, which is potentially used to control the number of branches of silver nanowires, as well as lengths of the nanowires. Deposited in a constant current mode, the silver wires performance a unidirectional character, different from silver wires grown in voltage mode. The characters of growth directing indicates an stirring prospect that it is possible to obtain straight lines and right angles composed of silver wire which is needed in circuits by adding appropriate signals in the electrochemical deposition system.
doi:10.2991/nceece-15.2016.239 fatcat:jmuaug4urzaz7clza7gfocg3wm