Online) An Open Access

Poonam, Sudesh Rani, Manju Devi, Reeti Panchal
2017 Online International Journal Available at   unpublished
The fry (0.55g) of Cirrhinus mrigala were fed on six (1-6) isonitrogenous (40% protein) diets supplemented with a mineral premix with amino acid (MPA) for 60 days, in duplicates. Fry were randomly distributed @ 15 fish per aquarium for each dietary treatment. Six diets were formed out of which one diet was used as control contained fish meal as main protein source and remaining 5 diets contained soybean as protein source. Soybean was autoclaved for 0, 5, 10, 20, and 40 min at 121 º C at 15 lbs
more » ... o remove anti-nutritional factors prior to inclusion into diets. Growth performance was evaluated by feeding the fish twice @ 5% BW d-1 for the whole duration i.e. 60 days. The results revealed that fish fed on diet containing 40 min processed soybean based diet and fishmeal containing diet showed maximum increase in growth (% gain in body weight), food conversion ratio (FCR), and specific growth rate (SGR), nutrient retention (GER, GPR) and apparent protein digestibility (APD) values and it get decreasing with decease in processing time of soybean. Fish fed on raw soybean based diet showed minimum growth performance with low values of VSI and HIS but having maximum liver and muscle glycogen values. This study indicated that autoclaving the soybean for 40 min improved its nutritional value in practical feeds for Cirrhinus mrigala fry.