Улимбашев Азрет Муазинович, Занилов Амиран Хабидович
Garlic (Allium sativum) is an ancient plant. According to the antiquity of its origin and introduction into culture, garlic can compete only with onions. This is one of the oldest vegetable crops that attracted the attention of man as a medicine and food supplement, petrified garlic cloves were found during the excavations of ancient tombs and burials in China, Egypt, and India. Garlic is a food product that can strengthen the immune system and ensure the health of the cardiovascular system. In
more » ... vascular system. In recent years, garlic production has significantly increased in many countries around the world. This is due to its high nutritional and healing properties, which directly depend on its rich, unique biochemical and mineral composition. Due to the valuable nutritional and healing properties of garlic, the problem of cultivation area expanding and increasing productivity in the open ground remains relevant. One of the promising and effective agricultural techniques that increase the viability of garlic plants is the use of microbiological agents related to biologically active substances-BAS. Living cells of agronomically valuable groups of microorganisms and their metabolites, in particular, are able to increase the field germination of seed material, which, as we know, is always lower than the laboratory one, and there are frequent cases when the leaves do not appear when the roots grow back in garlic cloves. Sparseness of garlic seedlings is a common phenomenon, due to biological reasons: low germination of unripe cloves, reduced frost resistance of garlic, can be caused by a violation of agricultural technology. Pre-planting soaking of winter garlic cloves in BAS solutions has a significant impact on physiological and biochemical processes, stimulates root formation, promotes good overwintering, and under certain conditions leads to an increase in yield, and as a rule. to improve the product quality. Thus, the study of the effect of BAS on the productivity and quality of promising varieties of winter garlic, and from the p [...]
doi:10.24412/2078-1318-2021-1-26-35 fatcat:si7sog7ci5czvjj5sed4e7cli4