The spin and orbital contributions to magnetic dipole transitions

Arun Kingan, Michael Quinonez, Xiaofei Yu, Larry Zamick
2018 International Journal of Modern Physics E  
In previous works we examined they systematics of magnetic dipole transitions in a single j shell. We here extend the study to large space calculations.We consider the nuclei ^44 Ti, ^46Ti and ^48C. Of particular interest is the contributions to B(M1) of the spin and orbital parts of the magnetic dipole operator. Whereas usual scissors mode analyses have as an initial state the J=0+ ground state (of an even-even nucleus) we here start with the lowest J=1+ T=1 state. This enables us to reach
more » ... more states e.g. J=2,T=0,1, and 2 and thus getter a better picture of the collectivity of this state.
doi:10.1142/s0218301318500908 fatcat:tsctc2irffa23myqpuax2honu4