Stochastic inflation revisited: non-slow-roll statistics and DBI inflation

Andrew J Tolley, Mark Wyman
2008 Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics  
Stochastic inflation describes the global structure of the inflationary universe by modeling the super-Hubble dynamics as a system of matter fields coupled to gravity where the sub-Hubble field fluctuations induce a stochastic force into the equations of motion. The super-Hubble dynamics are ultralocal, allowing us to neglect spatial derivatives and treat each Hubble patch as a separate universe. This provides a natural framework in which to discuss probabilities on the space of solutions and
more » ... itial conditions. In this article we derive an evolution equation for this probability for an arbitrary class of matter systems, including DBI and k-inflationary models, and discover equilibrium solutions that satisfy detailed balance. Our results are more general than those derived assuming slow roll or a quasi-de Sitter geometry, and so are directly applicable to models that do not satisfy the usual slow roll conditions. We discuss in general terms the conditions for eternal inflation to set in, and we give explicit numerical solutions of highly stochastic, quasi-stationary trajectories in the relativistic DBI regime. Finally, we show that the probability for stochastic/thermal tunneling can be significantly enhanced relative to the Hawking-Moss instanton result due to relativistic DBI effects.
doi:10.1088/1475-7516/2008/04/028 fatcat:5tmxzw5b2bc3vnxpmx5fut3uua