Clinical observation on superselective ophthalmic artery chemotherapy for retinoblastoma

Chang-Fu Peng, Jun-Jie Li, Guo-Ping Duan, Chang-Fu Peng
誗 AIM: To observe the efficacy and side reaction of superselective ophthalmic artery chemotherapy for retinoblastoma (RB). 誗METHODS: Eleven cases (11 eyes) of RB, ranging from stage A to D according to the latest International Intraocular Retinoblastoma classification, were treated with melphalan infusion by the ophthalmic artery. 誗 RESULTS: Such intra-arterial chemotherapy was administered for 23 times and the patients were followed up for 3-12 months. During the follow-up, 8 cases were
more » ... ve with significant tumor shrinking and calcification; 2 patients progressed and received enucleation of eyeballs; 1 case was lost to follow-up. Postoperative transient nausea, vomiting and fever appeared in some cases, but serious complications were not found, such as death, stroke, myelosuppression,etc. 誗CONCLUSION: Among 9 cases from group A, B and C, 7 cases were effective, 1 case continued to progress and 1 case was lost to follow-up, and the effective rate was 88%. In the 2 cases of group D, 1 case was effective and the other continueed to progress, so the effective rate was 50% .