Operation and Control of Wind/Fuel Cell BasedHybrid Microgrid in Grid Connected Mode

B Rohith Kumar, N Narasimhulu
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
A microgrid is a collection of loads and micro sources that operate as a single controllable system to provide both heat and power to a small area. A hybrid grid consists of both AC and DC grid. AC power sources and loads are connected to the AC grid whereas DC power sources and loads are connected to the DC grid and both the grids are connected together by a bidirectional converter. In this paper, a hybrid microgrid consisting a wind turbine and fuel cell stack is proposed to reduce the
more » ... o reduce the process of multiple AC-DC-AC and DC-AC-DC conversions which are commonly seen in an individual AC grid or DC grid. The proposed hybrid grid is operating in grid connected mode. The various control mechanisms are implemented for the power electronic converters for smooth power exchange between AC and DC grids and for stable operation of the proposed hybrid microgrid under various resource conditions. A small hybrid grid is considered and simulated using the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.