Amyloidosis with Multiple Myeloma Presenting with Acromegalic Features

Shaheen A Bhatty, Abdul Samad Siddiqui, Abu Talib, Khalid Mahmood, Iftekhar Naqvi, Anam Naveed Khan, Mehreen Nizam, Ali Saiyed
2015 Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons  
Amyloidosis and multiple myeloma are included in the same spectrum of clonal plasma cell disorders. Amyloidosis can present with localized deposits or manifest as systemic disease involving multiple organs. Here we are reporting a case of an elderly female, having amyloidosis leading to facial disfigurement and neuropathy for many years and then presenting with concomitant multiple myeloma as an incidental diagnosis with no typical symptoms related to it at all.
doi:10.2015/jcpsp.s112s114 pmid:26522192 fatcat:u3mq2devxbfkxgmvqwhen4nas4