Recent advances in ionic current rectification based nanopore sensing: a mini-review

Shujie Zhang, Wei Chen, Laibo Song, Xiaohong Wang, Weilun Sun, Pengyun Song, Ghazala Ashraf, Bo Liu, Yuan-Di Zhao
2021 Sensors and Actuators Reports  
In recent years, the intensive studies have been devoted to nanopores due to their unique charge transport properties including ion permselectivity, ion concentration polarization, and ionic current rectification (ICR). Based on ICR, the analytical applications of nanopore can be realized by monitoring ionic current change when the analyte molecule recognition events occur inside nanopore. To better understand ICR based nanopore sensing, its recent advances are reviewed and categorized in two
more » ... in sensing strategies including nanopore inner surface charge variation and nanopore inner molecular conformation change. Moreover, the nanopore regeneration strategies are also reviewed. The future challenges and opportunities in ICR based nanopore sensing are further discussed. This review is expected to expedite the research and development of nanopore analytical applications.
doi:10.1016/j.snr.2021.100042 fatcat:smzivegxu5f65gihwjxmcwper4