Административно-правовые модели оборота гражданского оружия в Российской Федерации и в зарубежных странах

Сергей Зырянов, Sergey Zyryanov
2017 Journal of Foreign Legislation and Comparative Law  
It is considered that in foreign countries the trafficking of weapons is regulated by the state in a minimal volume and it leads to numerous victims in the result of the uncontrolled use of weapons. In fact, the legislation of all countries establishes the requirements for weapons that can be used as a civilian weapon of self-defense, to citizens who can obtain permission to use self-defense weapons, to the procedure for obtaining permits for storage or storage and carrying of weapons, as well
more » ... s the storage and carrying of weapons of self-defense. These provisions, according to the author, considered together, define a specific administrative-legal model of arms trafficking. The article presents the classification and identifies three standard models of weapons trafficking, depending on the recognition or non-recognition of government right of citizens to armed self-defense. In addition, the author points to a number of objective circumstances, ignored by the legislator in many countries in the choice of a particular model of the turnover of civilian weapons, and comes to the conclusion that the choice of the administrative-legal model of the circulation of civilian weapons rests with the erroneous order to affect the illegal trafficking of arms on the relationship beyond the subject of administrative-legal regulation of the turnover of civilian weapons.
doi:10.12737/24297 fatcat:faotofi7tnc2dieezcbdngakbq