Comparison of LEED and STM measurements of vicinal Si(111)

X.-S. Wang, R. J. Phaneuf, E. D. Williams
1870 The Monthly Microscopical Journal  
KEY WORDS. STM, LEED, LEED beam-profde analysis, !%(Ill), vicinal surface, stepped surface. SUMMARY LEED beam-profile and STM measurements have been used in combination to study the ordering of stepped Si( 11 1) surfaces misoriented by 4" toward the [ill] direction. LEED measurements show that ordering of the surface steps is dependent on the thermal history of the sample, but give little clue about the reasons. An initial cleaning at 1250°C followed by slow cooling is required to obtain a
more » ... ed to obtain a well-ordered step structure. STM measurements show that cleaning at a lower temperature (8SO0C) results in a surface containing highly disordered patches which are possibly correlated with residual carbon. These disordered regions evidently inhibit step order. STM images of rapidly quenched surfaces show a very different sort of disorder consisting of long wavelength (5-10 nm) corrugations of rms vertical amplitude 2 nm.
doi:10.1111/j.1365-2818.1870.tb06070.x fatcat:5upkuf2dgfeqlkih6myjbltcoy