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S Subani, S Shareef, Abdul Ahad, M Tech, Asst Prof
2015 International Journal OF Engineering Sciences & Management Research International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Management Research   unpublished
In general, with the increasing demand of electrical power, the reliability has to be decrease due to its general power quality issues like harmonics or current unbalances. In order to improve its quality and reliability generally we need a common LC filter. But this type of filters has some disadvange such as these are not applicable for high power applications. For this, this paper proposes a concept of hybrid cascaded shunt active filter based Thyristor Controlled Reactor. Current tracking
more » ... Current tracking and voltage regulations was done in this a nonlinear control strategy of SPF The small-rating APF is used to improve the filtering characteristics of SPF and to suppress the Possibility of resonance between the SPF and line inductances. A proportional-integral controller was used, and a triggering alpha was extracted using a lookup table to control the TCR. In order to get improved result as compared to conventional PI controller, this paper proposed a concept of Fuzzy Logic Controller. This controller has the advantage of decreasing steady state error and improving the system response.