Der ökologische Indikatorwert mitteleuropäischer Pisidium-Arten (Mollusca, Eulamellibranchiata)

Claus Meier-Brook
1975 Eiszeitalter und Gegenwart  
Abstract. The presently known ecological valences and requirements of recent species of pill-clams (Pisidium C. Pfeiffer) in Central Europe are briefly reviewed. Species of low indicator value (e. g. P. subtruncatum, milium) are contrasted with those having a high indicator value (e. g. P. supinum, lilljeborgii). The necessity of taking into account the abundance of species, rather than merely their presence, is emphasized.
doi:10.3285/eg.26.1.11 fatcat:tcls7zgrebcjnob553vovwfpv4