Second harmonic zone injection for amplifier linearisation

T. Nesimoglu, R.J. Wilkinson, C.N. Canagarajah, J.P. McGeehan
1999 IEEE 49th Vehicular Technology Conference (Cat. No.99CH36363)  
Tel: 01 17 928 7740 A b s w -Second Harmonic Zone (SHZ) Injection is a fdback technique for reducing the intermodulation distortion 0 ) at the output of an amplifier, which is based on feeding the SHZ intermodulation products (IMP), back to the amplifier's input. The technique is analyzed theoretically and practical results demonstrate the linearisation pedormmw. Two feedbadc prototypes were built, one using a fresoency doubler and the other using a buffer amplifier as a distorter, where 14 dEl
more » ... orter, where 14 dEl and 13 dB improvement was obtained respectively in reducing the third order IMP (IMP3). The performance of the technique with changing frequency and input power level was also investigated.
doi:10.1109/vetec.1999.778491 fatcat:bvapwnmpznc6lnw44zmv3dhzei