Design Support for Hypermedia Documents [chapter]

M. D. Apperley, R. B. Hunt
1998 Designing Effective and Usable Multimedia Systems  
The nonlinear nature of hypermedia documents makes them notoriously difficult to describe. Consequently design prior to implementation is a challenging task. This paper examines design issues specific to hypermedia, and describes the development of HANDlE, a notation for the description of the structural organisation of hypermedia documents. HANDlE is based on a directed graph approach, but it incorporates a range of abstractions which provide significant simplification, and which allow the
more » ... rlying structure of a document to remain clearly visible. The evaluation of a prototype design environment based on HANDlE is described, and range of refmements for the future are proposed. A. Sutcliffe et al. (eds.), Designing Effective and Usable Multimedia Systems
doi:10.1007/978-0-387-35370-8_4 fatcat:nfimuoolnfepfc7ildrcadtyba