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The 2009 "EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard" (the Scoreboard) presents information on the top 1000 EU companies 1 and the top 1000 non-EU companies ranked by their investments in research and development (R&D). The Scoreboard data are drawn from the latest available companies' accounts, i.e. the fiscal year 2008 2. In the last part of this reporting period, the world economy entered into a strong financial and economic crisis that affected companies throughout the world. Some of the
more » ... . Some of the effects of the crisis are already reflected in these company results, namely on indicators such as sales, operating profits and market capitalisation. However, the full effects of the crisis, especially on R&D, tend to lag and are not yet captured in this Scoreboard. Key findings Worldwide corporate R&D investment growth is still high (6.9%) Despite the fact that the economic crisis started in the second half of 2008, the 2000 Scoreboard companies increased R&D investment by 6.9% in 2008, Note: The different Scoreboards are not directly comparable because of changes in the sample composition. European Commission, JRC/DG RTD. The 2009 EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard 2 R&D investment growth by EU Scoreboard companies is ahead of that by their US and Japanese counterparts Compared with the previous year, the R&D investment grew at lower pace all over the world, but important differences by world region are observed. For the second straight year, the R&D growth rate of EU companies (8.1%) has been higher than that of the US (5.7%). It also outpaced Japanese companies (4.4%) for the fourth straight year. Companies from emerging economies, which account for a small share of the total R&D, continued the trend of high R&D growth e.g. China (40%), India (27.3%) and Taiwan (25.1%). Companies based in Switzerland and South Korea also increased their R&D investments well above the Scoreboard average. The R&D growth rate of EU companies continued, for the third year, well ahead the nominal GDP growth rate (Figure S2). Figure S2. Growth of R&D investment in the Scoreboard and GDP growth-5%-3%-1% 1% 3% 5% 7% 9% 11% 13%