1909 Addiction  
A GOOD fonntain pen ir en ebuolute neoauity for a11 practioel workers. There u a no lack of candidates for favour. Among reliable pocket pens the Onoto rtandr out prominently en one whioh for workmanship, serviceability, and convenience it ir herd to beet. The pen ir rupplied by the ferfamed 6ra1 of Thomer De La Rue end Co. (London : 110, Bunhill Row). Itr comtruction ir highly ingeniour end effeotive, for it a n be readily filled by rimple rnotioa action without the troublerome intervention of
more » ... ome intervention of the ordinary g h n 6llcr. It ir suy to fill, delightful to ure, end ir available in formr and at pricsr to meet every taote end ell pooketr. Our oommendetion may be o o n d d into the p r a o t i d concluaion-get one. BBNCER'S PREPARATIONS. The dietetio and digertive preparntionr of Benger'r Food, Ltd. (Menohenter: Otter Workr), are known and valued throughout the world. In the muufsment of many nutritional dirordem end the roientih oonduot of not l few rarionr direera, inolnding eoute nnd ohronio elooholism, "Benger'r Food" ir often of the utmort value. In the a r e of many &Poult cares of inebriety, end, indeed, wherever the powem of digestion ond w i m i i t i o n have ruffered impairment, the excellent Peptonized Beef end Chicken Jellim prepared by this firm will be found of the greetmt service. Only the beat Englirh rteek end chickens are ured in their preparation. Tbcy are pre-digested, end made into the form of e jelly with geletine, end it rho& berpeoially noted that no preservative is added. A jar fitted with a fin lid, whioh will enrure the maintenance of the sterilized condition, hu b#a adopted, end there jellies will in future be rent out in a condition whioh will guarantee their effectiveness. CONCENTRATED SOUPS. An convenient, inexpensive, nutritious, and stimulant preparations the Conoentrated Soup Squares of Messrs. E. Lazenby end Son, Ltd. (London : 18, Trinity Street, S.E.), dererve to be widely known. They will be found 21-2 ville Chocolate Biscuits," which are not only particularly pleasing and pnlahble oonfections, but exceedingly useful, nutrient, and stimulating prepumtions, which should prove of service in retrents, sanatoria, and 3n private practice.
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