Study of Rose Oil processing waste
ეთერზეთოვანი ვარდის გადამუშავების ნარჩენების გამოკვლევა

Nugzar Baghaturia, Georgian Technical University, Luiza Kajaia, Neli Gilauri, Georgian Technical University, Georgian Technical University
2019 Works of Georgian Technical University  
In the article it is investigated the processing of the residues of the fermented under anaerobic conditions rose flowers by hydrodistillation. The residues of the rose flowers consist of steamed rose flower extract, that contains water-soluble rose substances. It's studied the chemical content of the solid and liquid phases of the processing of the rose flowers residues and the areas of their application are established as well. It is established that the solid phase of the rose flower
more » ... processing can be applied for the additional productaromatic concrete production and liquid phase -for the production of aromatic water and biologically active extract. In experimental scale firstly is received aromatic concrete from the solid phase and from the liquid phase -aromatic water and biologically active extract that found application in perfumery-cosmetics production and household chemicals. It is elaborated the principal technological scheme of waste-free processing of rose flowers by hydrodistillation. Resume:
doi:10.36073/1512-0996-2019-4-27-33 fatcat:k2snoglmfjfxnjs4yefs7tgfba