Various Graft in Nasal Dorsal Augmentation

Dr Supriya Kokane Patil
2018 Journal of Medical Science And clinical Research  
Nasal dorsal augmentation is the most frequent surgery done to enhance one's facial features. Various grafts can be used in nasal dorsal augmentation, which ranges from autologous to alloplastics. In this, we studied a group of 60 patients who underwent nasal dorsal augmentation with various graft. In our study we used septal cartilage, conchal cartilage, a combination of both and rib as autologous graft and silicone as alloplastic implant. Pre operatively patient were explained in detail about
more » ... ned in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the grafts and the kind of possible graft which could be used in that particular case. We used septal cartilage in 18, septal and conchal cartilage in 12, rib graft in 12 and silicone in 18 patients. In all the cases we could find the etiological factors as trauma, iatrogenic (nasal surgeries in the past) and reconstruction as a part of cosmetic improvement. Maximum group in our study came for reconstruction as a part of cosmetic change, 43 (71.7%), Patient response and satisfaction was taken postoperatively in a questionnaire format. Among the autologous graft patients gave 100% satisfaction in rib graft and 58% gave good response in septal and conchal cartilage and 33% showed better response with plane cartilage grafts. All cases in which we used silicone, they gave 100% satisfaction with the augmentation achieved. Comparing the autologous and silicone graft material, rib from autologous and silicone showed the same result with good augmentation. However the kind of graft which can be used in each different case is still under a matter of study.
doi:10.18535/jmscr/v6i11.38 fatcat:bndlxcwjnjej7k467gu2m73u7e