Współodpowiedzialność rodziny za kształtowanie postaw obywatelskich wobec współczesnych zagrożeń społecznych

Adam Stadnik
Creating conditions for the constant growth of the societies' safety level that answer individual needs, provide healthcare or create favorable working conditions, as well as help to approach life targets, gain significant meaning in the modern world. Economic disproportion, rising crime, numerous social pathology cases, endangered social life, and deprivation of traditional principles among the Western civilization countries, those are just the most vivid examples of a deep moral crisis in
more » ... moral crisis in current realm. In such background it is the family which arises to the role of the social safety and order supporter. The aim of the article is both, to present a family environment as a key element that shapes attitudes when confronting modern social threats, and it is also an attempt to indicate ways to increase the awareness level on existing dangers in its matter. After introducing families complexity within the western civilization an attempt will be taken to analyze a family as the basic environment of constructing behavioristic patterns determining attitudes towards current social threats.
doi:10.34752/pqr0-ck97 fatcat:2oupc5iet5cvfkboygcgwalp2i