Constitutional versus Local Signs and Symptoms in the Diagnosis of Early Pulmonary Tuberculosis

John B. Hawes
1917 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
A "semi-permanent" ilcostomy is the method which I use for the ileus of peritonitis, and it is also the method which I intend to use in cases of post-operative ileus when it becomes evident or even doubtful that other methods of treatment are going to fail. In acute intestinal obstruction, the tcchnic must be varied somewhat according to the cause of the obstruction but there is one feature which must be borne in mind, that in these cases it is absolutely necessary for a recovery that the bowel
more » ... drain, or empty itself per rectum, and if it does not, it must be made to drain through an enterostomy, and the surest and most certain method of draining the bowel is by an ilcostomy performed according to the method which I have described above. Other methods of cnterostomy I know from bitter experience often fail to drain, but I do not believe that an ilcostomy, performed by this technic which 1 advocate, can thus fail, because it is almost impossible for even the merest tyro to perform the operation improperly. The incision of the intestine can be done by a house officer, and the opening, as a result of this method, is plainly visible at all times, making it extremely easy to start the flow of the intestinal contents by siphonage.
doi:10.1056/nejm191703011760905 fatcat:veemcro535ffrfjuc3gw4vx72e