Gravi-Reggeons and trans-Planckian scattering in models with one extra dimension

A. V. Kisselev, V. A. Petrov
2005 Physical Review D  
The inelastic scattering of the brane fields induced by t-channel gravireggeons exchanges in the RS model with a small curvature κ is considered, and the imaginary part of the eikonal is analytically calculated. It is demonstrated that the results can be obtained from the corresponding formulae previously derived in the ADD model with one extra dimension of the size R_c by formal replacement R_c → (πκ)^-1. The inelastic cross section for the scattering of ultra-high neutrino off the nucleon is
more » ... off the nucleon is numerically estimated for the case κ≪M̅_5 ∼ 1 TeV, where M̅_5 is a reduced Planck scale in five warped dimensions.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.71.124032 fatcat:6a55576yyzhyjgx4fbjah65glm