Exploiting Caching and Multicast for 5G Wireless Networks

Konstantinos Poularakis, George Iosifidis, Vasilis Sourlas, Leandros Tassiulas
2016 IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications  
The landscape towards 5G wireless communication is currently unclear, and, despite the efforts of academia and industry in evolving traditional cellular networks, the enabling technology for 5G is still obscure. This paper puts forward a network paradigm towards next-generation cellular networks, targeting to satisfy the explosive demand for mobile data while minimizing energy expenditures. The paradigm builds on two principles; namely caching and multicast. On one hand, caching policies
more » ... e popular content files at the wireless edge, e.g., pico-cells and femto-cells, hence shortening the distance between content and requester. On other hand, due to the broadcast nature of wireless medium, requests for identical files occurred at nearby times are aggregated and served through a common multicast stream. To better exploit the available cache space, caching policies are optimized with concerns on multicast transmissions. We show that the multicast-aware caching problem is NP-Hard and develop solutions with performance guarantees using randomized-rounding techniques. Trace-driven numerical results show that in presence of massive demand for delay tolerant content, combining caching and multicast can indeed reduce energy costs. The gains over existing caching schemes are 19% when users tolerate delay of three minutes, increasing further with the steepness of content access pattern.
doi:10.1109/twc.2016.2514418 fatcat:oza3r42bf5bjzay2vrzp44dh6e