The life science x-ray scattering beamline at NSLS-II

Jonathan DiFabio, Shirish Chodankar, Sal Pjerov, Jean Jakoncic, Michael Lucas, Christina Krywka, Vito Graziano, Lin Yang
We report the current development status of the High Brightness X-ray Scattering for Life Sciences (or Life Science X-ray Scattering, LiX) beamline at the NSLS-II facility of Brookhaven National Laboratory. This instrument will operate in the x-ray energy range of 2.1-18 keV, provide variable beam sizes from 1 micron to ~0.5 mm, and support user experiments in three scientific areas: (1) high-throughput solution scattering, in-line size exclusion chromatography and flow mixers-based
more » ... s-based time-resolved solution scattering of biological macro-molecules, (2) diffraction from single-and multi-layered lipid membranes, and (3) scattering-based scanning probe imaging of biological tissues. In order to satisfy the beam stability required for these experiments and to switch rapidly between different types of experiments, we have adopted a secondary source with refractive lenses for secondary focusing, a detector system consisting of three Pilatus detectors, and specialized experimental modules that can be quickly exchanged and each dedicated to a defined set of experiments. The construction of this beamline is on schedule for completion in September 2015. User experiments are expected to start in Spring 2016.
doi:10.1063/1.4952872 fatcat:yzr23devh5bqzjpouub3b7codq