International Journal of Research Effectiveness of brain-based strategy for lateral thinking by fifth applied preparatory grade in physics

Asst Muhanad, Abed Al-, Hassan Reheu, Ali Lefta, Madi Alabady
The research aims to identify Effectiveness of brainbased strategy for lateral thinking by fifth applied preparatory grade in physics , For realization of this research the experiment carried out on which is Alhussein Ibn Ruh scientific school for boys as class (A) is chosen randomly (by lot) to be the experimental group that is to be taught with brain based learning strategy while class (B) represents control group that is to be taught by the traditional method. The number of student in both
more » ... asses is (70) students after disposing two of failure students in class (A) and another one in class (B). This makes the final number of students is (67). research tool: researchers formulate lateral thinking test of (20) items (puzzles) and the respondent must solve these puzzles to measure lateral thinking, and the way of marking this test by (1, 0), ). Validity and stability of the test are check where stability Coefficient (0.82) that is applied after finishing the experiment. Statistical program SPSS and Excel are used for measuring t-test for the two independent samples, Key square, Pearson linear correlation coefficient, items difficulty coefficient, discrimination coefficient, effectivity of wrong alternatives, Cronbach's alpha and 2. Based on the results, researchers conclude that effectivity of brain based strategy in the lateral thinking for the experimental group students in comparison with the control group that is taught with traditional method.