The Effect of Baking Time and Temperature on Taftoon Bread Staling

M. Ghanbari, M. Shahedi
2008 Tulīd va Farāvarī-i Maḥṣūlāt-i Zirā̒ī va Bāghī  
Baking is obviously one of the most important stages of bread production. Baking time and oven temperature have greatest effects on bread quality. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of baking time and temperature on bread quality and its shelf life. In this study, the effect of three rates of oven temperature (top and under bread surface) and baking time levels on bread quality and its shelf life was investigated. Baking temperature and time were 300 and 280 °C for 3 minutes
more » ... 20 seconds, 300 and 350 °C for 2 minutes and 30 seconds and 350 and 380 °C for 2 minutes respectively. Soluble starch and staling factors of the samples were measured. The data was statistically analyzed by complete randomized design and comparison was made between the means via Duncan,s multiple range test at 5% level. The results showed that the bread baked in various time–temperature conditions were different in moisture content. The bread baked at lower temperature and longer time had the lowest moisture. Also, the result showed that the amount of soluble starch increased by increasing the baking time and decreasing the baking temperature. The bread baked in various baking conditions showed significant differences in staling rates. Lower baking time and higher baking temperature caused the lowest bread staling rates.
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