Eucalyptus culture in Hawaii [book]

Louis. Margolin
1911 unpublished
Attention is called to the fact that the Division of Forestrystands ready at all times to give advice and assistance to tree planters and forest owners throughout the Territory on all phases of forest work. Upon payment of the traveling expenses, an agent of the Division of Forestry will be sent anywhere within the Territory to examine areas to be planted, following which there will be drawn up a detailed planting plan showing what species should be used and how the trees should be planted to
more » ... cure the desired results. Owners of planted or native forests desiring advice as to the care and management of their properties can obtain it on similar terms. At the Government Nursery in Honolulu and its sub-stations on the other islands, the Division of Forestry keeps constantly on hand for sale, at cost price, seed and seedlings of the trees most in demand for local planting. Applications for assistance should be addressed to the Superintendent of Forestry, Box 207, Honolulu, Hawaii.
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