Transforming Delete, Retrieve, Generate Approach for Controlled Text Style Transfer [article]

Akhilesh Sudhakar, Bhargav Upadhyay, Arjun Maheswaran
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Text style transfer is the task of transferring the style of text having certain stylistic attributes, while preserving non-stylistic or content information. In this work we introduce the Generative Style Transformer (GST) - a new approach to rewriting sentences to a target style in the absence of parallel style corpora. GST leverages the power of both, large unsupervised pre-trained language models as well as the Transformer. GST is a part of a larger 'Delete Retrieve Generate' framework, in
more » ... ich we also propose a novel method of deleting style attributes from the source sentence by exploiting the inner workings of the Transformer. Our models outperform state-of-art systems across 5 datasets on sentiment, gender and political slant transfer. We also propose the use of the GLEU metric as an automatic metric of evaluation of style transfer, which we found to compare better with human ratings than the predominantly used BLEU score.
arXiv:1908.09368v1 fatcat:5myr2ihujndhbb47yrqf7kxe3i