Using Marshall test to assess asphalt-concrete modulus for mixes used in Kuwait

Ahmad Al-Jassar, Abdulaziz Al-Shehab, Aref Al-Zaabi
The structural (thickness) design of asphalt pavement layers is a function of many factors, one of the most important of which is the sti€ness of the asphalt mix. In Kuwait, the structural design of pavements is performed using assumed values for sti€ness that may not represent the actual sti€ness of the used material. Sti€ness modulus testing is time and e€ort consuming and requires skilled labour and special equipment. Therefore, it is not performed on a routine basis to check the sti€ness of
more » ... the asphalt-concrete mixes in Kuwait. This study was performed to establish a relationship between the sti€ness (represented by the resilient modulus) and the Marshall test parameters obtained from the Marshall mix design procedure which is the standard used in Kuwait to design asphalt-concrete paving mixes. The Marshall parameters considered in this study are stability/¯ow ration and the Marshall Index, which represents the slope of the straight portion of the load-deformation curve obtained during Marshall testing. Regression analysis demonstrated good correlation between sti€ness and stability/ ¯ow ratio at 608C at various loading frequencies. The resulting model showed a linear relationship between the two parameters that are independent of the mix type.