Organic Complementary Inverters Based on Vertical-Channel Dual-Base Thin-Film Transistors with Time Constants < 10ns [post]

Zhongbin Wu, Erjuan Guo, Shen Xing, Felix Dollinger, René Hübner, Shu-Jen Wang, Karl Leo, Hans Kleemann
2020 unpublished
Lateral-channel dual-gate organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) are utilized in organic pseudo-CMOS inverters to realize switching voltage control. However, the relatively long channel length will slow the inverter operation. Vertical-channel dual-gate OTFTs are an attractive alternative due to the short channel length. In this work, controllable and reliable complementary inverters are presented using vertical n-channel organic permeable dual-base transistors (OPDBTs) and vertical p-channel
more » ... anic permeable base transistors (OPBTs). With operating voltages < 2.0 V, the threshold voltages of the n-type OPDBTs are changed across a wide range from 0.12 to 0.82 V by varying the voltage of the additional base. The fabricated tunable organic complementary inverter features switching voltage shift and gain enhancement. In addition, the inverters show very small switching time constants (< 10 ns) at 10 MHz. Our work represents a significant step towards the application of vertical dual-gate/base transistors in power-efficient organic complementary inverters, offering the capability to easily tune the switching voltage of organic complementary inverters. This facilitates the development of high-performance and complex organic digital integrated circuits.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:mohtx3tdkjd2zfumfnkwq4gqda