Spiral Thermal Waves Generated by Self-Propelled Camphor Boats

Alla Vilk, Irina Legchenkova, Mark Frenkel, Edward Bormashenko
2020 Condensed Matter  
Spiral thermal surface waves arising from self-propulsion of the camphor-driven objects are reported. Spiral thermal waves were registered for dissolution and evaporation-guided self-propulsion. Soluto-capillarity is accompanied by thermo-capillarity under self-propulsion of camphor boats. The jump in the surface tension due to the soluto-capillarity is much larger than that due to the thermo-capillarity. The spiral patterns inherent for the surface thermal waves are imposed by the
more » ... al motion of camphor grains. The observed thermal effect is related to the adsorption of camphor molecules at the water/vapor interface. The observed spirals are shaped as Archimedean ones.
doi:10.3390/condmat5030051 fatcat:4b574ur33fflpgoztjxg5sj5be