Computational aspects of transient fields associated with insulation breakdown in GIS under inhomogeneous fields

H.N. Suresh, M.S. Naidu
Conference Record of the 1998 IEEE International Symposium on Electrical Insulation (Cat. No.98CH36239)  
The phenomena of leader inception and propagation leading to breakdown in strongly attaching gases like SF6 are currently being studied because of their relevance to the design of High Voltage Gas Insulated Systems (CIS). Breakdown of SF6 gas under inhomogeneous fields is known to be by the leader mechanism. The leader propagation is guided by the electric field at the leader tip, which inturn is dependent on the nature of voltage applied, electrode geometry and charge distributed in the
more » ... buted in the leader. The charge build up process in the leader is governed by Resistive-Capacitive (R-C) transient fields. In such fields, both permittivities and conductivities of the participating medium determine the field distribution. The scope of the present paper is to discuss the important aspects of computing R-C transient field associated with the leader in SF6 gas modeled as a straight cylindrical conducting channel. Studies are carried out under unit step voltage excitation for two leader lengths and assumed conductivity of the leader. The workability of the R-C transient field computing algorithm for such studies carried out with the help of a Laplace solver are presented and discussed.
doi:10.1109/elinsl.1998.694890 fatcat:z7rxexlc2reyxoiv53v2r5u24u