Tree Based Association Rules for Mining in XML Query -Answerin

Radha. M, Theepigaa. TH, Rajeswari. S, Suganya. P
2014 International Journal of Innovative Research in Science Engineering and Technology  
ABSRACT: Extracting information from semi structured documents is a very difficult task, and is going to become more and more dangerous as the amount of digital information available on the Internet grows. In reality, documents are often so large that the data set returned as answer to a query may be too big to convey interpretable knowledge. In this Tree-Based Association Rules (TARs) are used mined rules, which provide approximate, intensional information on both the structure and the
more » ... of Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents, and can be stored in XML structure as well. This mined information is later used to provide: 1) a concise idea-the gist-of both the structure and the content of the XML document and 2) quick, approximate answers to queries. A prototype system and experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of the approach. The mined rules are used for user query processing. The updation in the mined document and the optimization of the algorithm is going to be performed
doi:10.15680/ijirset.2014.0309052 fatcat:35lcc2hyazbddp5vzogyvgkjz4