Leadership Effectiveness, Turnover Intention and the Mediating Role of Employee Commitment: A Case of Academic Institutions of Pakistan

Hudda Riaz, Nargis Akhtar, Anum Moazzam, Rabia Luqman, Hina Naz, Hafiza Sobia Tufail
2017 European Online Journal of Natural and Social Sciences   unpublished
According to its scope of practice and research, Leadership is one of the most important areas these days. Many scholars have theorized different definitions and dimensions of this very construct leadership that gives a clear indication about its importance both in society and also in the context of people management in organizations in different countries. In today's world where complexity driven by different factors has changed the face of organizations, different procedures have been devised
more » ... to retain the employees in the organization. But apart from all the system level changes, there is one important factor that directly links with the employee turnover intention and that is leadership effectiveness. There has been much focus on leadership effectiveness and many researches have been done to study it. This study is trying to address the issue at hand that is about studying the effectiveness of leadership. For this purpose this study is investigating the relationship of leadership effectiveness and turnover intention along with a third variable participation that is employee commitment in the academic sector of Pakistan. This study is focusing on the relationship of leadership effectiveness and employee turnover intention specifically in the academic institutions and implying the facts that how these institutions are constructing this relationship according to the specific culture and norms posed by the Pakistani context. In this study the predictor is leadership effectiveness and outcome is turnover intention. Besides, this study is also focusing on the third variable involvement that is employee commitment. So this study is testing and reflecting upon whether such relationship exists in this context or not. This study uses the sample size of 345. The population is faculty members of different academic institutions. The software used is SPSS along with process plugin to run the regression (mediation) analysis. This study has presented some important findings related to the nature of the relationship of leadership effectiveness, employee commitment and turnover intention that will be an important knowledge addition in the literature and will be helpful for the management to make important decisions regarding the management and turnover of employees in the academic institutions of Pakistan.