The Cultivation of Oysters

1875 Scientific American  
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more » ... ent. It is true slooll.;,itis true,but this is not included in the aboyc amollnt; bed through its fonr or ti,',! Y',arK of development. rt is now: der three years old) by boring a hole into the oyster's heart, nor is any portion of the sam ... , except ont' million dollars, ' on what may be called the fattening ground, the linn gravelly I as its large muscle is called; but the Iltar waits for no such chargeablp to all�other necessary expenditllr(' sa\'o repairs. bottom of a channel between rock�islands, swept br a tid!': intervention.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01161875-33a fatcat:77gjry5ng5cftacevaoqd65uva