Further contributions to the Hawaiian avifauna

Leonhard Stejneger
1888 Proceedings of the United States National Museum  
has again favored the National Museum with an important collection of Hawaiian birds, consisting exclusively of water-birds, all of particular interest. The collection contains a species new to science, besides several additions to the Hawaiian fauna As in the foregoing collections received from the same source, most of the specimens are from the island of Kauai, but, in addition, the present one contains several examples from the neighboring Niihau, a small island situated 13 miles southwest
more » ... Kauai. In the following paper all the measurements are in millimeters and the nomenclature is that of the A. O. U. code. The native Hawaiian names are given on Mr. Knudsen's authority. Puffinus knudseni, sp. uov. Knudsen's Shearwater. Can kane. magnosis-TaSI nearly half as long as the wing, graduated for the length of the tarsus,nasal tubes short, about one-fifth the length of the chord of culmen, raised above the level of the bill, inflated and obliquely cut anteriorly; nostrils roundish and wholly visible from above; nasal septum broad ; color above sooty grayish, scapulars and interscapulars with paler more brownish margins; head, especially forehead, suffused with ashy, rump more blackish; ear-coverts like upper parts ) lores and cheeks more ashy, gradually fading into the white of the under parts; flanks, crissum, and under tail-coverts sooty like the back; lining of wing white, axillaries gray ; bill (dried) horny reddish Jgray tube, culmen, and nails blackish ; feet very pale horny vellowish (probably yellowish flesh color m fresh bird), somewhat browner on the ,outer side.
doi:10.5479/si.00963801.692.93 fatcat:kxll7o2yi5ambfpanbgttb3ory