Laminar Burning Velocity of Biogas-Containing Mixtures. A Literature Review

Venera Giurcan, Codina Movileanu, Adina Magdalena Musuc, Maria Mitu
2021 Processes  
Currently, the use of fossil fuels is very high and existing nature reserves are rapidly depleted. Therefore, researchers are turning their attention to find renewable fuels that have a low impact on the environment, to replace these fossil fuels. Biogas is a low-cost alternative, sustainable, renewable fuel existing worldwide. It can be produced by decomposition of vegetation or waste products of human and animal biological activity. This process is performed by microorganisms (such as
more » ... ens and sulfate-reducing bacteria) by anaerobic digestion. Biogas can serve as a basis for heat and electricity production used for domestic heating and cooking. It can be also used to feed internal combustion engines, gas turbines, fuel cells, or cogeneration systems. In this paper, a comprehensive literature study regarding the laminar burning velocity of biogas-containing mixtures is presented. This study aims to characterize the use of biogas as IC (internal combustion) engine fuel, and to develop efficient safety recommendations and to predict and reduce the risk of fires and accidental explosions caused by biogas.
doi:10.3390/pr9060996 fatcat:ta4srvrfr5baflnrz4zj5y323y