Hierarchical Policies for Cluttered-Scene Grasping with Latent Plans [article]

Lirui Wang, Xiangyun Meng, Yu Xiang, Dieter Fox
2022 arXiv   pre-print
6D grasping in cluttered scenes is a longstanding problem in robotic manipulation. Open-loop manipulation pipelines may fail due to inaccurate state estimation, while most end-to-end grasping methods have not yet scaled to complex scenes with obstacles. In this work, we propose a new method for end-to-end learning of 6D grasping in cluttered scenes. Our hierarchical framework learns collision-free target-driven grasping based on partial point cloud observations. We learn an embedding space to
more » ... code expert grasping plans during training and a variational autoencoder to sample diverse grasping trajectories at test time. Furthermore, we train a critic network for plan selection and an option classifier for switching to an instance grasping policy through hierarchical reinforcement learning. We evaluate our method and compare against several baselines in simulation, as well as demonstrate that our latent planning can generalize to real-world cluttered-scene grasping tasks. Our videos and code can be found at https://sites.google.com/view/latent-grasping .
arXiv:2107.01518v3 fatcat:77kuz66ydbdedktanbzes5ccbq