Evaluation and quantification of spectral information in tissue by confocal microscopy

Ulf Maeder, Kay Marquardt, Sebastian Beer, Thorsten Bergmann, Thomas Schmidts, Johannes T. Heverhagen, Klemens Zink, Frank Runkel, Martin Fiebich
2012 Journal of Biomedical Optics  
A confocal imaging and image processing scheme is introduced to visualize and evaluate the spatial distribution of spectral information in tissue. The image data are recorded using a confocal laser-scanning microscope equipped with a detection unit that provides high spectral resolution. The processing scheme is based on spectral data, is less error-prone than intensity-based visualization and evaluation methods, and provides quantitative information on the composition of the sample. The method
more » ... is tested and validated in the context of the development of dermal drug delivery systems, introducing a quantitative uptake indicator to compare the performances of different delivery systems is introduced. A drug penetration study was performed in vitro. The results show that the method is able to detect, visualize and measure spectral information in tissue. In the penetration study, uptake efficiencies of different experiment setups could be discriminated and quantitatively described. The developed uptake indicator is a step towards a quantitative assessment and, in a more general view apart from pharmaceutical research, provides valuable information on tissue composition. It can potentially be used for clinical in vitro and in vivo applications.
doi:10.1117/1.jbo.17.10.106011 pmid:23224010 fatcat:iu6h4qfb7fbpjczehmcefr63xy