Optimization on reagent-loading manner for modular clinical chemistry analyzer series: simulations and verifications [post]

Liang Ming, Mingyang Wang
2020 unpublished
Background: The analytical process, especially reagent-related factors, demonstrates a significant effect on clinical chemistry analyzer. Therefore, it should have our attention both in total laboratory system (TLA) and modular automation (MA). The reagent-loading mode of modular analyzer influences testing turnaround time (tTAT) and the cost.Methods: Parameters were simulated by cobas 8000 workflow simulator for reagent-loading manner with at least three positions (Pattern 1), the
more » ... ), the module-parallel reagent-loading manner (Pattern 2) and the single-position loading mode (Pattern 3). Then, we chose Pattern 2 for Tuesday effect-based optimization verification.Results: tTAT, reagent on-line time, quality control cost and performance verification times all declined by 43%. Tuesday effect solved the repetitive problem for verification. With comprehensive comparison between Pattern 1, Pattern 2 and Pattern 3, Pattern 2 shows optimal performance in subsequent verification.Conclusions: The optimization of reagent-loading manner saved much workforce, and reduced the quality control cost and internal quality assessment consumption.Trial registration: This article did not report the results of a health care intervention on human participants. Trial registration was not needed here.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-18675/v1 fatcat:pz22pn6qrfckjfdnpgym5ifrwa