Characteristic Aroma Components of Tosa-buntan(Citrus grandis Osbeck forma Tosa) Fruit

Masayoshi SAWAMURA, Hee-Sun SONG, Hyang-Sook CHOI, Kazushi SAGAWA, Hiroyuki UKEDA
2001 Food science and technology research  
The volatile components of Tosa-buntan (Citrus grandis Osbeck forma Tosa) cold-pressed peel oil were studied by GC and GC-MS. The characteristic aroma compounds were investigated by GC-olfactometry in which a semi-bore capillary column, DB-Wax, was used for effective separation of the volatile components of the oil. Hydrocarbons including mono and sesquiterpenes of the oil accounted for about 98% of the volatile components. The characteristic flavor was also present in the oxygenated fraction.
more » ... lavor dilution (FD) factors of the volatile flavor components of the cold-pressed oil were determined by aroma extraction dilution analysis. The relative flavor activity derived from FDfactor and peak area percent was used in this experiment. It was suggested that compounds with higher relative flavor activity such as decanoic acid, heptyl acetate, a a a a-bisabolol, nonanal, cis, trans-farnesol, trans-nerolidol and 2-dodecenal would contribute to Tosa-buntan flavor. Careful sniff testing revealed 2-dodecenal to be a characteristic or key compound of Tosa-buntan aroma. A solution of this authentic compound below 2 ppm gave a pleasant and refreshing aroma similar to Tosa-buntan flavor.
doi:10.3136/fstr.7.45 fatcat:mvbt2fq7gzhmlhzjsbm54xtek4