Light-Front Approach for Pentaquark Strong Decays

Hai-Yang Cheng, Chun-Khiang Chua
2004 Journal of High Energy Physics  
Assuming the two diquark structure for the pentaquark state as advocated in the Jaffe-Wilczek model, we study the strong decays of light and heavy parity-even pentaquark states using the light-front quark model in conjunction with the spectator approximation. The narrowness of the Theta width is ascribed to the p-wave configuration of the diquark pair. Taking the Theta width as a benchmark, we estimate the rates of the strong decays Xi_{3/2}-- to Xi- pi-, Sigma- K-, Sigma_{5c}0 to D_s- p,
more » ... }0 to D_s- p, D_{s0}*- p and Xi_{5c}0 to D_s- Sigma+, D_{s0}^{*-} Sigma+ with Sigma_{5c} Xi_{5c} being antisextet charmed pentaquarks and D_{s0}* a scalar strange charmed meson. The ratio of Gamma(P_c to Baryon D_{s0}*)/Gamma(P_c to Baryon D_s) is very useful for verifying the parity of the antisextet charmed pentaquark P_c. It is expected to be of order unity for an even parity P_c and much less than one for an odd parity pentaquark.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2004/11/072 fatcat:v6hjrys7sjgddem7yqttw5wol4