Genetic Diversity and Differentiation of the Nagoya Breed Inferred from Microsatellite DNA Polymorphisms

Hideaki Takahashi, Akihiro Nakamura
2007 The Journal of Poultry Science  
The Nagoya breed is a popular Japanese native chicken, a dual-purpose breed raised for eggs and meat. We used ,. microsatellite markers were employed to analyze the diversity and di#erentiation of the four strains (NG+-.) of the Nagoya breed established at the Aichi-ken Agricultural Research Center. The proportion of polymorphic loci (Ppoly) was *.2-. The mean number of alleles per locus ranged from ,./2to -.+,/. The mean expected heterozygosity ranged from *.-.+ to *.-3/. The index of random
more » ... ting (Fis) per population ranged from *.*/. to *.+/2. Significant population di#erentiation was detected among all strain pairs. These data suggest that the Nagoya breed has low genetic diversity and the four strains are highly di#erentiated. The genetic information in the current study will contribute to e#ective breeding and e$cient conservation of the Nagoya breed.
doi:10.2141/jpsa.44.135 fatcat:4b4eapoxafc3vkq7h2bagjqnru