Structural Parameters of Mo 6+ Substituted Lithium Ferrites

M Mehar, U Prasad, K Rao, K Samatha
2015 International Journal of Scientific Research Engineering & Technology (IJSRET)   unpublished
High valancy molybdenum substituted lithium ferrites with compositional formula [Li (1+3y)/2 Mo Y Fe 2.5-5y/2 ]O 4 (where y = 0.1 to 0.5 insteps of 0.1) were prepared under standard ceramic method. The bulk and theoretical densities were found. Bulk and theoretical densities were gradually decreases with increasing substituent concentration (y). From X-ray studies the spinel structure and belonging Fd3 m spce group is confirmed. The lattice parameter was found to increase gradually except for
more » ... dually except for the sample with y=0.3 for which it slightly decreases with continuous increasing molybdenum substituent concentration. The other parameters like oxygen positional parameters, tetra hedral and Octahedral bond lengths, tetra hedral edge, shared and unshared octa hedral edge lengths were calculated and found to be increasing with substituent concentration except for y=0.3 sample.